Announcing Longshot Behind the Radiation Curtain at the Commonwealth Casino

by Kennon

Attention adventurers!

The Party First team is proud to present a new mission for your RPG pleasure: Longshot Behind the Radiation Curtain at the Commonwealth Casino. This is the first episode in a 3-part story arc, offering thrilling action and suspense as you explore a mysterious abandoned casino behind a dangerous fallout zone. Your mission: expose the secrets of Project Morning Star and survive a deadly game of laser tag!

You’ll take on the role of a spies posing as cartel bosses, taking part in an underground auction in a bid to be the highest bidder on a Betamax cassette containing secrets that could rock the Rus government. You’ll need to be careful, however, as rival agents are also competing for the same prize. Navigating the convention’s tension-filled atmosphere won’t be easy – but with the help of a destitute Black Watch commander, who serves as both escort and peacekeeper, you’ll find the courage to go forward.

Beyond the general mission, you’ll also be up against unique challenges such as the high stakes of the auction, the clandestine nature of the resort, and the ever-present threat of the fallout zone radiation curtain. It won’t be easy, but the rewards will be worth it!

Encounter unique NPCs, such as the mysterious benefactor, the watch commander, and the auctioneer. See the sights and sounds of a long-abandoned casino, now brought back to life. Explore the treacherous fallout zone, where danger awaits around every corner. Survive the laser tag game – where the only way to win is to outsmart your opponents. And uncover the secrets of the Betamax cassette, and the truth behind Project Morning Star.

Longshot Behind the Radiation Curtain at the Commonwealth Casino – your journey to uncover the secrets of a forgotten past begins here! Join the Party First team and discover the thrilling experiences of this three-part story arc. Are you ready for the challenge?

Check it out on DriveThruRPG.

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