Goblyn Market

by Kennon

We are proud to announce that after our successful Kickstarter campaign in 2022, the Goblyn Market RPG is finally ready for publishing! Just waiting on the final proof copy from the printer and we are ready to go.

Goblyn Market is a mischievous tabletop RPG where you play as the peddlers of temptation to unwary Victorian-era mortals. The game uses the newly minted All4Two and Scene Builder systems and requires two to four goblins plus a game guide. Goblin Market is a cooperative and competitive race to corrupt mortals. The Night Queen has narrowed it down to three possible targets, known as Quarry. It is up to the players to corrupt those destined few. The longer the group takes to finish their mission, the closer the mortal realm comes to discovering the Goblin Market- and the ultimate demise of the fairy folk.

The Victorian era is an opportune setting for such a mischievous game! This particular time period in history was already beset with starvation, greed, and titillation barely simmering beneath the surface of civility. As well, each turn-of-the-century city has a personality of its own, full of unique quarters and troubles like starvation or Springjack murders. Each burden brings its own unique enemies who know the true motives of the night creatures. Witches, inquisitors, and the twice-cursed are all jeopardies most fatal.

It is up to the players to navigate these treacheries and beguile their Quarry ere the Tootle Pip strikes 13 and the Goblin Market disappears back into the veil- leaving the goblins exiled in a land of maddened mortals.

Players will come face to face with unique ethical dilemmas, unpredictable political maneuverings, and the moral responsibility of power. Will they stand by their mission and succeed, or will they surrender to their own desires? That is for you to decide.

Goblyn Market is packed with unique game mechanics and features that make it stand out from other RPGs. From our new and improved All4Two and Scene Builder systems, to the range of characters and story arcs available, players will find themselves in an incredibly immersive experience full of intrigue and adventure.

So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and be sure to grab your very own copy of Goblyn Market when it launches! It’s the perfect game for those searching for a story-driven RPG with tons of replayability and lots of unique surprises!

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