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More Explorer’s Society

July 31, 2017

Gamenomicon has another solid entry on the Explorer’s Society for 7th Sea. This time, we introduce my favorite from a fluff and flavor perspective, the micronation of Vondholm!   In Théah as in our world, a number of smaller countries, kingdoms, and states dot the globe, filling in the cracks… Read more

Announcing King & Crown

July 29, 2017

Today we’re debuting our first stand alone game! So what is it, you may ask? It’s simple really, King & Crown is a modular microgame for 2-5 players. With only 5 cards per deck, King & Crown offers five different games utilizing the same cards, though some variants require each player… Read more

A small item

June 15, 2017

Community created content through DriveThruRPG is a great way to get started putting products out there. Yesterday, we launched our third item, The Huntsman. Description: The Devil Jonah is not the only supernatural sailor to stalk the seven seas. Presented here is another phantasm that the pirates, scoundrels, and swashbucklers… Read more

And our second product!

June 6, 2017

Our release schedule seems to have taken a bit of a different turn than originally expected, but a focus on smaller, achievable products has led to the second 7th Sea Explorer’s Society release for Gamenomicon, The Winter Wedding! The short mystery style adventure in Ussura features a multitude of options… Read more

Our First Product!

May 5, 2017

Yes, you heard that right! Life has gotten exceptionally crazy lately, but the push has been made to get something out the door.   First up, an Explorer’s Society title for 7th Sea RPG that details a new nation (well, admittedly micro) in the world of Théah.   Check it out… Read more