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Our First Product!

Yes, you heard that right! Life has gotten exceptionally crazy lately, but the push has been made to get something out the door.   First up, an Explorer’s Society title for 7th Sea RPG that details a new nation (well, admittedly micro) in the world of Théah.   Check it out on DriveThruRPG!

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A Preview of Things to Come

I’m sure some of you were starting to wonder a bit about our silence for the last couple weeks. The podcast has taken a bit of a back seat while life has come up over the weekends when I would normally record, edit, and post. On the other hand, that means that I’ve been hard …

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Soft Launch

Well hello all and welcome to the soft launch of the Gamenomicon website! I’ll be building more into it as we go, but for the moment, consider the general layout, color scheme, and graphics to be in place. In general, it works best on widescreen monitors, as I’ve been informed of some layout issues on …

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