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Soft Launch

Well hello all and welcome to the soft launch of the Gamenomicon website!

I’ll be building more into it as we go, but for the moment, consider the general layout, color scheme, and graphics to be in place. In general, it works best on widescreen monitors, as I’ve been informed of some layout issues on smaller screens where some elements overlap. I’ll see what I can do to get that corrected for everyone.

As well, site speed is something that I feel I should address. The site is not terribly quick at the moment and that is on purpose. Here in the early stages of forming the company and marching toward publication, I’ve chosen to allocate minimal resources to website performance, though I’m still adding in tweaks from my end, including hooking the site up with Cloudflare today, so you may still notice speed improvements in the near future.

That said, as excitement and audience builds and we get closer and closer to our project launch, we will almost certainly upgrade some of our services in order to increase performance.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I’ll see you all on Saturday for episode 4 of the podcast.