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Hello, all. I’m Will Lentz, the founder of Gamenomicon. I’ve been a card and board gamer for the last 20 years, give or take a little, and really dove deep into things with the discovery of CCGs. Originally, this took the form of discontinued greats like Wyvern, Guardians, and Rage, but progressed as it often does into Magic: the Gathering.

In 2002, shortly after high school graduation, I delved into the novels of GRRM and discovered the brand new CCG based on Game of Thrones. From there I was lost, and thus you may recognize me from my presence in the competitive environment there or the 300+ episode podcast that I host about that game, titled The White Book.

With years of competitive gaming under my belt, and not a few playtesting credits in various rulebooks, my mind naturally turned toward tweaks, improvements, and designs of my own. And in August 2016, I decided to make these flights of fancy into reality. Thus, Gamenomicon was born.